Wood Chips and Mulch for your Pets


Wood chippings and Mulch can serve many purposes: Besides providing an attractive landscaping feature and generating biomass fuels, mulch can also be useful for your pets.

Wood chips for Chicken Runs

Wood chippings make an ideal floor covering for poultry runs and coops. Hard wood chips are very robust and (unlike bark, soft wood or shavings) won't breakdown easily in the chicken run and degrade into slush. It also easily withstands all weathers and only needs changing once or twice a year. Not only can it help improve the appearance of your run and keep it clean but chickens and hens love to scratch about in the chippings.


Wood chips for Reptile Bedding


Dry substrate is particularly suitable for animals that originate from dry environments as this reflects their natural habitat (and ancestral roots). Beech wood chip makes ideal bedding for reptiles such as snakes, lizards, geckos and tortoises. It's also more visually pleasing than the often used lino or kitchen paper.

Mulch and Pet Safety


Although mulch can be extremely useful for many pets it is advisable to be cautious in using wood chips around larger, unsupervised pets. Dogs in particular are natural chewers and therefore some wood chips may pose a choking risk.


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