Wood Chips and Mulch for Landscaping


Wood chippings or Mulch can serve many purposes in home landscaping.
It adds an attractive touch to flower beds, provides protection for plants and helps keep the soil moist. It's also great for smothering unwanted plants and keeping weeds down

Wood Chips for Pathways


Wood chips can also be used as a walkway substrate. Wood chippings or mulch can both level out uneven surfaces and also provide weed suppression in the garden and lawn areas.  


Soft Play Area Surfaces


Wood chips can cushion falls and provide a safe, non-slippery surface for both the very young and the very old. Ideal for playground flooring, wood chippings are long lasting and can reduce the risk of injuries.

Wood Chips for Erosion Control


As a temporary solution, wood chips can cover an area of the garden where erosion is occurring. They can be used to create a barrier to prevent soil loss (especially during heavy rains) and keep your garden in a good condition while a long term plan is developed by your landscaper.

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For use as pet bedding, biomass fuel or garden landscaping.

We sell a cubic meter (one builders bag) of Mulch for £50. You can order online and payment can be collected on delivery.

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