Wood Chips and Mulch as Biomass Fuel


Biomass fuels are organic materials produced in a renewable manner that can be used as effective source of fuel.

Waste residue will always exist, but as a tree-works company we repurpose the scrap wood and residue produced by our job to deliver a renewable source of fuel.
Like other wood products, wood chips or mulch can be used as fuel. They're especially useful as fire starters for small, controlled fires. They're also ideal for biomass reactors, which can be used to power engines in addition to providing heat.

Environmentally Sound


Wood chippings are sustainable, eco-friendly and natural: Recycling at its finest.


By taking a waste product (such as recycled wood) to produce a viable source of energy, we are protecting air quality and saving space in landfills that are quickly filling to capacity.


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For use as gardening landscaping, pet bedding or biomass fuel.


We sell a cubic meter (one builders bag) of Mulch for £50. You can order online and payment can be collected on delivery.

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