Tree Surgery in Stotfold, Bedfordshire


At Evolution Tree Works Ltd our certified, experienced tree surgeons offer first class Stotfold tree surgery and pruning.

Tree Pruning Services in Stotfold


Tree pruning improves the health of the tree whilst enhancing balance and symmetry, it is the best solution to trimming trees. Actual branch removal may be required if the branches prove to be a safety hazard to pedestrians, traffic, and nearby buildings. Dead branches may also harbour insects and diseases that may spread if not tended to quickly.

At Evolution Tree Works, our Stotfold tree surgeons are fully trained arborists, they are safety conscious and know exactly where to prune different species of trees to enhance their natural beauty and provide many years of enjoyment.


Firewood Logs

Buy our Logs for Firewood


You can now buy our logs for firewood. If you order 4 builder's bags of logs we'll give you an extra one for free! You can also buy wood chippings in Stotfold per cubic metre bags, ideal for use as soft bedding or gardening mulch.


Tree Works


Stotfold Tree Surgeons & Arborists


As "the tried and tested tree company", our services include tree reduction, tree felling, cable bracing, stump grinding, tree planting and tree surveys.


References of previous tree works jobs in Stotfold, Bedfordshire (and the surrounding areas) are available on request but please feel free to browse our customer testimonials page or view our Image and video galleries.

For more information on any of our tree works services, talk to our experienced team today on 01462 637 357.