Tree Reduction Services


Tree reduction is the art of reducing the crown of a tree to a certain level that enhances the aesthetic appearance in a manner that is still in the interest of your tree's health.


Our trained tree surgeons will ensure that the life span of the tree is prolonged by removing diseased branches, insect infested branches and dead and/or dying limbs.


Tree Pruning & Tree Surgery

There are many reasons why you may need a tree reduction service:


  • To improve the safety of your garden
  • To increase the beauty of your garden with uncluttered views
  • To increase the amount of light into your home or garden
  • To prolong the life span of your tree

All dangerous branches are carefully removed with the use of specialist tree surgeon rigging equipment, all tree reduction work is carried out by an experienced tree surgeon.

For more information on Tree Reduction or any of our other tree works services, talk to our experienced team today on 01462 637 357.