Hedge Trimming & Hedge Maintenance Services


At Evolution Tree Works, we don't just deal with trees. Our hedge cutting services include trimming, maintaining and renovating your hedges, shrubs and borders. We have a range of professional machinery to allow us to carry out this work.


Why is Hedge Cutting Necessary?


Hedges that aren't regularly cut or maintained tend to become top heavy with unsightly holes and a lack of growth at the bottom. They can also grow outwards, consuming your garden space.

Routine trimming keeps your hedges tidy and enables fresh shoots to fill up those unwanted patchy gaps.


How often should you trim your hedge?

How regularly your hedge should be trimmed depends on the type of hedge. Box, privet and conifer hedges usually need to be cut two or three times during the growing season to keep a presentable shape; whereas Yew and Beech hedges normally only require one cut during the growing season.


Hertfordshire Hedge Maintenance & Removal


As well as regular trims, Evolution Tree Works can cut overgrown hedges into a neater hedge shapes that are easier to maintain. We can also remove old or dead hedging, including the roots if required, and advise on new hedging varieties.


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Hedge Trimming