Stotfold Tree Surgeon Services


Operating in and around Stotfold, our tree surgery services include...


Tree Reduction in Stotfold


Tree reduction is the art of pruning a tree to a certain level that enhances the aesthetic appearance in a manner that is still in the interest of your tree's health.


Our trained tree surgeons will ensure that the life span of the tree is prolonged by removing diseased or insect infested branches and dead and/or dying limbs.


All dangerous branches are carefully removed with the use of specialist tree surgeon rigging equipment, all tree reduction work is carried out by an experienced tree surgeon.


Tree felling in Stotfold


Tree Felling in StotfoldTree removal is an essential aspect of tree work maintenance. Removing specific trees from a crowded space allows others to grow and prosper.


Trees may also need to be removed to avoid structural damage to nearby buildings, eliminating issues caused by expanding roots or preventing hazards during bad weather conditions.


Dying and defective trees or trees damaged by severe storms should also be removed to protect people and property. Live trees may also need to be removed to improve garden environments or to make way for new buildings or extensions.


Tree felling is the process of cutting the tree near the base and using wedges or a winch to fell it in one complete piece. Once the tree is on the ground it can then be cut into smaller sections for easier removal.

Cable Bracing Stotfold


Cable Bracing in Stotfold

If a tree is healthy but poses a risk of structural damage to nearby buildings then cable bracing is an effective alternative to tree surgery. Installing cable bracing on trees involves looping hollow polyester and polyamide cables around the stem of the tree. Providing structural support for trees prevents the chance of deterioration of a healthy tree, it restores the longevity of a damaged tree and it can reduce overall hazard potential. Cable installation is unique and specific to the tree in question. Evolution Tree Works Ltd installs cable bracing systems that are up-to-date and have been tested and developed over many years.


Tree Planting Stotfold


Tree Planting and Tree Surveys in Stotfold

Tree planting is an important method of creating environmental sustainability and regeneration. At Evolution Tree Works Ltd we offer a comprehensive tree planting service to commercial clients, local authorities, estates and environmental schemes.

We also conduct surveys for planning purposes, safety audits and for any other preliminary requirements. Many councils have planning restrictions concerning the protection of trees on private property. In these cases tree removal or pruning may require planning application. Our tree reports and surveys provide impartial, practical recommendations and conclusions to help you to achieve your goal. Whether it be for mortgage approval, for subsidence investigation or for planning and development, we offer free, no obligation, tree survey quotes.

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