Live Tree Removal


It can take decades to replace a tree, so removing trees that are not dead or dying is a decision that should not be taken lightly.  

Reasons for live tree removal include...


  • When a tree interferes with other trees
  • When a tree encroaches buildings and/or driveways
  • When a tree encroaches utility wires. 


At times, guide ropes and specialist equipment may be required to remove large limbs before felling, therefore live trees should only be removed by trained professionals. If a tree is being removed due to interference with utility lines, you should contact your local utility company.

At Evolution Tree Works Ltd we have nearly 20 years experience in tree felling. Our trained tree surgeons will ensure that the dead, dying or damaged tree is felled safely. We also recycle up to 95% of all tree waste, leaving any garden, park, school, or avenue looking better than ever.


We have many loyal customers both domestic and commercial. Feel free to read our customer testimonials, view our photo gallery or watch our tree felling videos. To find out more about our highly recommended tree services please contact us today on 01462 637 357 for a free, no obligation quote.